Jury Evaluation: 65%

We prioritize transparency, accountability, and objectivity in our evaluation process. Participants will be assessed based on social media engagement (likes and shares) and jury points. Social media engagement accounts for 35% of the evaluation, with likes contributing 65%. The majority of the evaluation, 65%, will be based on points assigned by the jury

Social Media Engagement: 35%

Likes: 35%

Social Media Points

Participants are encouraged to gather as many likes as possible on their post/video posted on Social Media Platforms

Entry which has got maximum likes in any of the social media platform will be considered. (Note. Combining of multiple likes from different social media platform is not acceptable)

35% weightage will be assigned to Social Media Points in the final scorecard of the participant

Jury Points

A Jury will be constituted comprising senior officials from CEO Office, experts in performing and visual arts or HOD, Mass communication Dept of a reputed college among others.

Top 25 entries with highest points will be submitted to the Jury for evaluation

Jury will assign points to the participants

65% weightage will be assigned to Jury Points in the final scorecard of the participant

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